Why use Dave versus the other guys?

How about 40+ years as a professional photographer. I got my start in film, so when I shoot, the image is as good as it can get in-camera. Over 30 years experience with Photoshop, so that when I retouch a headshot, it doesn’t look retouched.

In the 1990s, I was one of the most sought-after photographers on the early internet. My work has appeared in magazines and on websites all across the world, not to mention a couple of museums.

Rapport with the client: My experience with models, many who were first-timers, allows me to establish a good rapport with a client, ensuring a winning set of headshots within a short amount of time.

I am also a film maker and I have been through the casting process, reviewing thousands of headshots and reviewing resumes when working a on a project. I *know* what catches my eye.

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