What ya doing?

Got a phone call from a pal of mine recently. He always asks me “What ya doing?” when I answer.

I’ll reply with what I am doing at that time… and his reply is always “Cool..” then he starts into what he wanted to talk about.

Several people who call me do this. It must be something people raised in the same general area or time period do, because everyone I know who’s around that age does this. A typical mindless response like when a stranger says “How are you?” and you always say “Good” or “Fine”… except they ask and then no matter what I say, they always go “Cool…”

I noticed this a few years ago, and decided to have some fun.

“Hello?” as I answer the phone.

“What cha doin’?” they’ll say.

“Oh, just rebolting my feet on…” Or “Cleaning up after dismembering a body…”

They say “Cool…” and start yakking, and then a few moments later they go “WHAT?”

I have to say something to cause a mental reboot.

It’s in my genetic code.

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