What I did on 9-11-2001

It was Tuesday morning. I had a new mother board from Frys and I was planning on installing it into my system to help me edit the little video/movie we were working on that past summer.

I caught an email from Kvue about an airliner or airplane crashing into one of the world trade center towers. Interesting, I thought. I immediately thought about the B-24 that crashed into the Empire State Building in June of 1945.

I then turned everything off and began the process of rebuilding the PC. Turns out the mother board was defective… so I turned on the TV while I packed it up for a return to Frys.

On CNN, they were showing the fire on the first tower and a second plane had hit the other tower. I watched in amazement as the first tower suddenly collapsed.

Wow.. It was all I could think.

I drove to Frys while listening to the radio. During that drive, the second tower collapsed. I quickly wrapped up the business of getting a new mother board & processor, as both tested bad.

At home, I watched as it all unfolded. I thought about my brother-in-law who flew for Northwest at the time. My kid’s mom called, crying, thinking this was a signal of the end times. I told her that was nonsense. (There were a lot of reasons we divorced, this was one of them – she’s a loon and I’m not a loon.)

Later that day I was outside and it was eerily quiet. No airplanes anywhere in the sky. That was the most disturbing aspect of that day. All airports closed down.

I got the new PC up and running, migrated the OpSys (Windows 2000 at the time) to the x64 flavor.. while CNN was on in the background.


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