Been getting set-up to create some music videos, re-learning Adobe Premiere CS3, which as a learning curve like that of a F-117 fighter.

Meanwhile, I have put together a little video of all the James Bond movie openings, the bit where you see 007 through a gun barrel.

(Yes, it’s a gun barrel… some folks think it’s something else… but I grew up with guns and if you have a pistol, and look through the barrel at a white wall, you see the rifling and reflections JUST like in those openings).

The bit is as 077 is being watched by a sniper, 007 then turns and fires killing the sniper, and blood drips down and the gun barrel wobbles and drops.

I annotated the video with some interesting factoids. For example, it wasn’t Sean Connery in the first three movie openings, it was stuntman Bob Simmons. Starting with the Pierce Brosnan film, the opening was redone with CGI. Before that, it was pretty much the same high contrast drawing from Dr No through License to Kill.

One thing to look for is how Sean Connery wobbles when he crouches and shoots. George Lazenby is the only Bond to drop to a knee and shoot. The editors repeated the same opening (except for music) for the first films, changed it for Lazenby’s outing as Bond, then recopied the older openings for Connery’s reprisal as Bond. It was the Roger Moore films where they reshot the sequence several times over the 8 films he did.

You can tell I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to the Bond films. I’d sell my ex-wife into slavery in Iran to get to direct one of them.

Anyway – here it is…

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