Unboxing print samples

Unboxing print samples

I love seeing my work in print.  I also love unboxing items I’ve ordered.

So, ya know I really love unboxing print samples.  The printing house is White House Custom Colour.  They will be handling ALL my future printing needs. 

The samples are stunning. The quality is way above the previous printing service I was using, shipping was extra careful, far better than what I was expected.  Two other services I tested shipping in either paper envelopes and bent or were rolled into tubes and hard to handle due to the curl. 

On the left is the lighthouse in Long Beach Harbor. On the right is the Congregational Church of Amherst, shot just after the heavy snowfall, on Dec 22nd, 2020.

The lighthouse goes on my mom’s wall. Not sure about the church yet. 

3rd image that I tested is the B&W printing, which is EXCLLENT.  I shot this marsh IR image last January (Pre-COVID) and I was very pleased with the results, and the print is awesome!

Madrona Marsh Infra Red 8×12 print


You can see these images when visiting my print galleries, and my prices are actually kinda low given the print quality.

The wall prints will be shipped direct from WHCC. The Fine Art will first ship to me, then I’ll sign and number each piece, then it’ll ship to the customer. 

Click here to check out my galleries! 

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