The rain has been prayed away from Texas | The Zingularity

That’s what it feels like in the Lone Star State. Governor Rick Perry’s rain dance event, the one that brought out all the classy folks including a dominionist lunatic who thinks the Statue of Liberty is a demoness, has utterly failed. There’s a tropical storm on the verge of hurricane strength just a few hundred miles away, but it’s heading east. I guess the people in Louisiana outprayed Perry’s team.

What does that mean for Texas? I just got back from a local lake in the hill country outside of Austin, Lake Travis, where we went wakeboarding early this morning. That lake looks like a medium-sized river snaking through an arid limestone canyon. Thick, viscous mud dominates the shoreline, most boat ramps are so far out of the water they’re useless. Luckily, a buddy has his own dock. And while we found smooth glass to carve, especially up in the mouth of the Perdenales River for those who are familiar, the water was as narrow as a healthy creek and the shade of chocolate milk. If I’d seen a film crew from Hillbilly Hand Fish’in they would have fit right in.

via The rain has been prayed away from Texas | The Zingularity.

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