The Parking Lot Stalker

Urban dictionary defines “Parking Lot Stalker” as “The act of following strangers in a crowded parking lot in hopes to get their parking spot.”

This time of year I tend to pick up a few when in Wally World or Target.

So I like to screw with them.

Trick #1 – walk down an adjacent parking row and when you are near your car, cut through and jump in.. stranding the stalker in the wrong row. This is especially good when you have a nice close-in parking spot.

Trick #2 – walk to your car, slowly. When you reach your car, unlock it, unload the bags… then walk BACK to the store, as if you’ve forgotten to buy something. This is especially good if you have a mid-level parking spot near the front.

Trick #3 – Like Trick #2, except you sit in your car as if waiting for someone… and the minute the stalker passes you up, back up and leave. Make sure to pass the stalker on your way out.

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