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When it comes to sucking joy from football, though, the kickoff rules are second-rate compared to tweaks of the league’s policy on instant replay. Those rules now mandate that every scoring play is automatically subject to review by officials in the replay booth. Insane. The touchdown, obviously, is the most exciting part of the game, and this rule inherently makes every touchdown less exciting, because every celebration of a score has now been replaced with a half celebration, half nervous wait for the Replay Official to confirm whether or not a score did in fact occur.

via The NFL’s New Rules Are a Disaster – Hampton Stevens – Entertainment – The Atlantic.

Leave it to the NFL’s owners to further screw up the game of football.

It’s not bad enough they have to kick-off the season with all this hype and concerts at half-time, they also screw up the game during the Superbowl. People who watch football don’t really give a rat’s asshole who plays a song at halftime. People who love and watch football only care about who’s playing the damned game, so let them play the damned game!

So new, not only do we not get to watch some possible kick-off return for a TD… we only get to watch a highly paid player drop to a knee while the kicking team runs down the field with body language that says “This sucks!” Now we also have to have EVERY touchdown reviewed by the booth?

C’Mon! Jesus Horatio Christ on a crutch!

The NFL rulebook already has enough pages to challenge the US Tax code for the thickets and most poorly written set of rules ever devised by humans. Like the US Tax code, it needs to be scrapped and reworked. And reworked by people who know what they’re doing. Not by a bunch of rich screw-ups like Jerry Jones, the man who single-handily is trying to render void and null every New Years day tradition in the state of Texas.

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