The "iGasm"?????

(Ok, back to blogger silliness)

In my previous incarnations as a photographer – my work led to the more steamy side of adult images. In some cases, we employed a vibrator. My favorite was a golf handle attached to a drill…

I just found this article in the Times Online, which is most informative and very funny.

My favorite quote is:

Hippocrates thought the womb wasn’t a fixed item but wandered about the body looking for trouble. At the moment of orgasm, it gripped the windpipe causing the breathless panting so familiar to watchers of When Harry Met Sally. From earliest times there was a recognised women’s complaint characterised by nervousness, fluid retention, insomnia and lack of appetite. Hippocrates thought that a blockage in the womb was the cause of it, hence it was called hysteria from the Greek for womb (hysteros). Galen, a Greek physician, claimed it was caused by sexual deprivation, particularly in passionate women, and was noted in nuns, virgins, widows and occasionally in married women whose husbands were not up to the job.

Followed by:

A scary French pelvic douche from about 1860 involved what looks like a high-pressure fire hose, trained on the clitoris. It claimed to induce paroxysm in less than four minutes. If marriage wasn’t delivering the goods, rickety trains, rocking chairs or horse riding were advised for nervous women as gynaecological Dyno-Rodding techniques. But if the 2.20 from Tooting failed to oblige, there was no option but recourse to a medical man.

That really had me guffawing…..

Which leads us to the most recent items to be found, including

…the latest Ann Summers device, the iGasm. Its various ‘tickler’ attachments make it look startlingly similar to something illustrated in the Army & Navy catalogue of 1905. There is nothing new in the world.

Education by the “stuffy” British is most entertaining….

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