The Furies – shameless self promotion

The movie I'm directing
The movie I’m directing

I’m already breaking a New Year’s resolution, but heck with it! (It was only one shameless self-promo a week…)

If you haven’t already, go like The Furies’ facebook page.

Then check out the Furies’ website and learn all about us. See the trailer. Read the treatment, get excited and follow our path to success!

It’s the movie I’m pulling together out here in Sunny Southern California. It’s the reason I’m out here and not freezing my tail off in Texas right now.  Instead I’m freezing my tail off in San Diego, but that’s another post.

So my new resolution is to use social media to get some buzz generated about this project.

So share and like and I’ll keep this up until I get my way!

And have a safe and happy new year!


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