It’s a sub-set of photography I’ve always loved. Henri Cartier-Bresson was one of my earliest inspirations, and I’ve always loved his work. The idea of taking a camera out and simply shooting people, random people, is hard these “Photographers might be terrorists” days.

The Occupy Austin movement brought me the opportunity to shoot some street portraits. I was asked to shoot many portraits for a video that is being made of why people are at the Occupy Austin movement.


It’s a knack to get people you’ve never met to pose in such a way as to illustrate their basic personality – I hope I’m developing some of this… I was able to get these folks to relax, and I hope I brought forth their personalities, who they are, what makes them an individual.

In some cases, I used some filters to bring out some uniqueness in each portrait. I do a layering, filtering, layering technique.

More to come.

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