Snow. Then Ice.

Carl Reiner once said that “snow is an unnecessary freezing of water.”

This was on the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was with the show. In response to why Carl had moved from New York to California. They know to keep the ice and snow where it belongs in Califorina. If you want it, you have to seek it out.

In New Hampshire, however, the stuff seeks YOU out.

Oh, you’re new here? Well… okay, how about six inches of the heavy shit followed by power outages. That not enough? How about 16 inches of the lighter stuff making it hard to plow. Then, for grins, let’s make it rain.

Then the rain turned to ICE.

Then even MORE snow. Now, the driveway is a sheet of ice.

Had to put on some of these damned things…. ice cleats for shoes.

Look like old fashioned football or baseball cleats.

Won’t keep my feet any warmer, but I’ll not slip and land on my ass when out fetching the mail.

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