Grabbed this shot yesterday. My mom had painted this fae door into a piece of roofing slate – leaned against a large rock on the southern edge of the property.
I *had* planned to hike around and find more photos. But the wind was a lazy damned wind, the type of wind that, instead of going around you, cuts right through you. It’s what I get when I figure 27 isn’t all THAT cold, and I go out without the usual layers.
I mean, my ears froze, my knees froze. The only bits of me NOT cold were my hands and feet. This is due to excellent gloves from my sister and excellent boots I had bought.
I have, for the first time, enabled the purchasing of images in one gallery – most sizes enabled. The sizes availability will change as I adjust things on my end.
The quality is excellent. I will be using a new printing service and prints will be photographic quality and archival.

This image is available as a print. 

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