Perry Vs. The Lap Dance Lobby

Perry Vs. The Lap Dance Lobby

Rick Perry’s campaign for the presidency largely consists of touting the pro-growth policies of Texas—a state with no personal income tax, and the 47th lowest tax burden in the country—as a model for the rest of the United States. Perry’s claim is that his state, where he has served as governor for the past 11 years, has found more creative and more business-friendly ways to fill its coffers.

Don’t tell that to one of the state’s most vibrant industries: its nearly 200 strip clubs. They are caught in an endless legal battle with the state that points to the downside of the Texas approach to revenue collection. By singling-out easy targets, Perry hasn’t cultivated a pro-business atmosphere, but rather a mixture of distrust, resentment, and non-compliance among those who are supposed to be ponying up.

via Perry Vs. The Lap Dance Lobby | The New Republic.

It’s been repeated over and over, Perry is for BIG business, especially business that gives money to his campaigns. Not a donor? Then get ready to get taxed, regulated, fee’d and red-taped to death.


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