On Upgrade-itus

Upgrading as soon as a new bit of technology comes onto the market. I have a friend who seems to buy a new big screen TV each time a new version comes out for HDTV, he had the first Digital Light Projecting TV even before I knew they existed. Then you get folks who slap in new system boards and CPUs as soon as the latest is released, going from dual core to quad-core every 12 months.

I call it “Upgradeitus”.

I don’t know if that’s a real medical condition or not, but it has struck my kid. It all started two years ago with a gift of an IPod Nano, 1st generation. 1 gig of music.

Last year, right before our trip to New Hampshire to see my sister, she accidently left her IPod in her hoody’s pocket and it was pulled when the jacket was in the dryer. The ear-phones were melted and the screen was black. It looked really bad. So we rushed to Best Buy and I got her the LAST IPod Nano 3rd gen, 4 gigs, that they had left.

At home we discovered her old PC couldn’t handle the new ITunes, so we had to get music on her new IPod with my system. That’s when I found out the older IPod was somehow still alive. Using a nifty back up program I found, I pulled the music off her old one and onto the new one.
She so graciously gave me her old one. I put a few songs onto it and have been using it as a “go to sleep” aid.

This year the “old” IPod was full. She wanted a new one, this time in Lime Green. I mean, seriously, how can anyone listen to all the music a 4 gig IPod can hold? Oh yes, the new one is small like her first one, which means it fits her pockets better.

But somehow the money arrived for her to go buy the new one. 8 gigs of space, plus numerous ITunes cards as gifts… I bet this one is almost full.

Oh yeah, she also gave me this old one as well. I filled it with enough music I can drive to LA and not hear the same tune twice, and I still have 2 gigs free. OK – 1.5 gigs after downloading some video podcasts by the comedy channel.

I’m betting next year it’ll be a 16 gig IPod in neon purple that must be found….

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