Occupy Austin continues….

Occupy Austin continues….

Protestor at Saturday's Occupy Austin gathering, in the rain

What was, at first, a rather chaotic gathering of people at Austin’s City Hall has evolved into a more organized movement. Although the movement here is an off-shoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the goals are somewhat different. OATX stands behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, but they also have their own agenda.

Occupiers at Austin’s City Hall are now allowed to camp there, no tents allowed, but at least the occupation will be 24-hours versus 6am to 10pm.

Austin’s police have taken a very “hands off” approach, as they’re very media aware and know what would happen if any cop tried to be violent towards a peaceful crowd. Unlike in other cities.

I certainly do not recall Tea Party protestors being beaten, maced or arrested by cops during their gatherings. This brings to mind images of Iran during the Green Protests last year and the riots of the 1960s. At least the 1960s brought social change, albeit briefly before the squares started changing things back.

Working locally is better. I was told by a group member at Austin Java Sat evening, that this is one of the few things that flows uphill. It’s easier to deal with City Hall than to try and deal, right now, with the entrenched lobbyists and PACs in Washington, D.C.

My personal bone to pick is that elected representatives need to actually listen to and represent their constituents. *Not just those who are in the same Party, but EVERYONE. City Hall is one such place where the crowd is heard, but the bastards vote the other way in most cases. They do not truly listen to the people. They listen to the various lobbies, mostly from the real estate people.

The point, in my mind, of this movement is to let the elected people know that we’re tired of them not listening to our voices.

The US Congressman in my district only listens to his own party people. He sends out these insane questionnaires that sound like conspiracy theory talking points. I can judge what he feels is most important of his attention, and it’s mostly has to do with Obama being illegally in the US. So trying to get his attention without a sack of cash is a waste of time.

Lets’ hope this leads to change. I would hate to think is turns out to be a Sisyphean task….

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