Occupy Austin…  10-6-2011

Occupy Austin… 10-6-2011

Occupy Wall Street has spread all across the US, including Austin. The Austin Organization is Occupy Austin.

The media was focused on the usual parade of colorful characters that typify an Austin event, but the real meat of the movement is in the stories behind the average person attending today’s event.

I volunteered to help with photography and was recruited to photograph the people that were interview by the media arm of the organization, which resulted in me hearing some great stories.

One was from a mid-50s guy who was in New York. He’s a writer. He was in the more violent demonstrations in New York and came down here to lend his support.

Another interviewee was a former US Marine. His sign read “I fought for my country, not for Wall Street”

A young man who graduated from college and racked up 50k in student loans only to be unable to find work.

I’ll be posting pictures on an on-going basis as I plan to attend two, or more rallies in the future.

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