No, I don’t hate corporations. Occupy Austin

I don’t hate corporations.

As any first year business student can tell you, the corporate structure of business is a necessity when setting up any business to reduce the impact of possible lawsuits and to properly define the business. A properly set-up corporation will shield the business owners from frivolous lawsuits if the proper procedures are followed while conducting business.

And people are overly willing to file suit against a business over any perceived insult or injury.

Beyond that, a decently set-up corporation allows the business to be run with as little internal friction as possible, and sets up a small business to prosper.

But corporations are not people.

If they were people, then a great many large corporations would be those teenagers who promise to be good if the parents would go on vacation and not hire a babysitter.

You’ve seen those movies.

Once the parents are safely away, the kids plan a party. The party is then crashed by other teens, and chaos ensues which destroys the house. Then the kids have to figure out a way to rebuild before the parents get home.

Except in real life, the parents hired a babysitter (Congress) who had a set of rules in place to make the kids (Corporations) behave. Eventually, the kids were able to convince the babysitter they did not need so many rules and the kids promised to be good.

Within days the kid, now without the babysitter and any rules, go wild and burns the house down, drives the family car off a cliff into a lake, then runs to the babysitter asking for money to rebuild the house and get another car.

So, the babysitter bails out the kids, the parents tell the babysitter that those kids need supervision and rules and the kids scream bloody murder about the rules and the babysitter.

So, in this case, the kids (Corporations) need to be punished, they have to pay for the damages and they most assuredly need the babysitter to enforce the rules.

However, unlike teenagers, the Corporations spend millions on leagues of lawyers and lobbyists who do what they can to sidestep the issue of regulations and oversight.

With the Occupy movements across the nation and overseas, this will change. Slowly but surely, it’ll change.

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