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Dave here.

As a Producer, one of my main jobs is to prepare the financial plan for this movie.  Part of this is obtaining detailed information about other movies that are similar.

The problem I’m facing is that Roomies is fairly unique.  There isn’t a whole lot of movies like this one to create a decent “Successful Films Chart”.

Some comedies break out and hit huge numbers at the box office.  The numbers generated by the Domestic Box Office then drive the other numbers, as Home Entertainment, PPV, Cable TV sales.  Those sales are usually forecast as a percentage of the Box Office.  A huge break-out hit, like Juno changes even those percentages, as most pre-release contracts have amendments to increase sale amounts if the picture hit well at the box office.

I have to be careful, tho, as if I include a movie like “The Hangover”, this will skew the averages all to the high side.  Hangover (as of today’s data) has a Domestic Box Office of $277 million, foreign box office of $192 million, DVD sales of $184 million. All on a budget of $30.  Adding this movie to my data skews things like crazy!

This doesn’t include cable/TV licenses.   No wonder the studio green-lit the sequel.  The sequel has a budget of $80 million and has, to date, brought in similar numbers.

Now that I have the projections finished… the B-plan goes to the printers and I hope to have a release copy in my paws by March 3rd.

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