More psychic ( or is it psychotic?) housewives

I refer the reader to this previous post…..

An update. The annoying behavior has escalated.

I was with my kid last night at a local grocery store, buying not only various consumables but also the ingredients for fake blood (home made is sooo much better…) when I observed the most recent and very obvious “Annoy Dave” tactic to date:

As I decided we needed more soda, I aimed myself towards the “A&W” canned rootbeer in the handy fridge pack. Coming at me in the aisle is a young guy and a young woman. He stopped the basket giving me plenty of room to grab the box of soda.

When I went for the box, the woman PUSHED the basket so as to block me. Her guy looked over and mumbled an apology as he pulled the basket back, giving me room. I grabbed the soda and was hit by the damned basket because Satan’s daughter decided blocking wasn’t enough, she wanted to injure me as well, and was trying to put the basket back to where she felt it needed to be – regardless of anyone else being in the way.

I stopped long ago thinking this was the result of a rise in the population of highly medicated dingbats and I know now that it’s a concerted effort on the part of women in our society to inflict as much damage upon this author as possible without actually being charged with assault.

There were witnesses to this, my kid and the woman’s husband/boyfriend/gigolo.

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