More print samples

More print samples

For my Fine Art Gallery, I needed to look at paper samples, see how it will look with my photography. The samples are STUNNING.

I made an order 10 days ago, and the samples showed up yesterday. Fine Art prints take longer to process than the standard prints. Which is why fulfillment can take up to 10 days. But it is worth it.

The fulfillment house I am using will ship the standard prints direct to the buyer, but Fine Art is setup to ship to me, then I sign and number each print, then I ship to the buyer.

This also allows me to double check quality and include a small certificate on the print itself, such as title and which number in the edition that print is.

View the original image here.

The quality is amazing. Exactly what I was seeing on my monitor while editing the images.  They have to be seen in person to marvel at the quality and the sharpness. I should have ordered larger prints, honestly. 

One of these will go on my wall. 

The other?

I’m thinking about a give-a-way. 11×14 with white borders, on artist paper. 

Watch my Facebook page for details on the give-a-way

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