Model Search in Progress

You might have noticed it on the home page, the menu item “Models”… here is where I lay it all out for potential models who want to work with me in any project I have up my sleeve.

I’ve changed my business model a bit. I’ve decided it’s not ethical for me to try and charge models for test shoots or portfolio shoots. I’ll be photographing models for their portfolios ONLY if its someone I wish to photograph.

I’m also deciding to include some of my milder nudes into my online portfolio as soon as I can lock it against minors viewing it…

Anyway, back to the search I’m running….

During such searches, I always have to deal with the GWCs* who love to wade into the modeling waters and take a nice, long dump upstream form where the rest of us have to drink.

(* GCW= Guy With Camera. Not a true professional photographer. Closest to being a professional photographer they’ve gotten us buying a camera that didn’t already have film loaded into it… )

I’ve fielded a few possible replies already – but there was one which tipped me off there are several GCWs trolling the free ad sites right now. Several ads are tipping me off. It’s the ad which doesn’t come right out and say they’re looking for girls to get nude (naked) but it’s their intention. They often run scam ads to attract models hoping to “con” them into posing nude, usually without stating he’s wanting nude models. Watch for terms like “comfortable in own skin” as a tip-off. These guys only serve to scare off what may otherwise be a decent model…

One could, I supposed, list with the BBB but they really do not police photographers except those who do weddings & portraits.

I’d use a site like One Model Place except I feel they charge a bit too much for the responses I typically get. There I usually get models contacting me but they wish for me to pay for the privilege of photographing them.

I only pay models when I have a paying gig myself. I only use models I’ve shot with before, and I shoot only Trade For Prints with models now. If I need some models sight unseen, I’ll call an agency.

So, if you are a model reading this… what can I say except I have 30+ years as a working pro. I’ve dealt with editors and art directors and had my work actually published in magazines. I’m also a writer with lots of published work. Also, having to go through editors and end clients.

“Publishing” isn’t worth spit if it’s just your own website. Get a set of images past an art director & editor.. THEN you are published.

If you are a model reading this, PLEASE do not contact me for only paying gigs, I will not use you unless we’ve shot before on a TFCD(*P*) basis.

Yes, we have to make a living, but I’m in business and I have to make a profit and I simply will not shoot a model and pay her unless we’ve shot before.


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