Model search… and bozos

There’s an old country saying which goes something like this… “Some people insist on pissing in the water they’re drinking from…”

I am referring to some other “photographers” in this town who are advertising for models everywhere, but their intent is not to produce art images for galleries.

These people actually shoot for adult websites but they do not have the balls to come out and say so, they prefer to hide behind the façade of pretending to be artists. But the possible models do not know this, and respond to the other ads only to find out the projects are anything but art.

So when I do start up a very rare model hunt, I get lumped into the same niche as these jackasses.

So they’re pissing in the well water, screwing things up for everyone who is legit, artists needing models for real art.

This isn’t anything new. These folks have been doing this since the 1990s, in one instance actually copying my ads word for word, except changing the telephone number.

It had gotten so bad, their bait & switch that two local newspapers changed their ad policy requiring ALL photographers use only one section of the paper (which costs 3x the usual rate), not the usual casting section. This changed only two months ago, and sure enough, one guy is already polluting that section with his ads for models.

Once they get a few complaints, I’ll bet that ad policy is changed again.

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