Model Portfolios – What is needed….

Model Portfolios – What is needed….

Call me old fashioned.. Call me picky, or even call me a stickler about “the process” but I like to view a model’s portfolio. Why?

Dozens of reasons.

The first and foremost reason is that a serious model, one who is set on being an actual working model, will have an actual, real world, printed and put into a binder portfolio.

I also do not bring a laptop to a model meeting and it’s hard to judge a picture on the screen of even the largest of iPhones. A badly adjusted screen will make even the best photograph look like a snap shot.

It’s simply not that hard. When working with a photographer, get a CD of the best shots and go get them printed professionally.

By professionally, I mean choose a size bigger that 5×7, and make sure each print is as good as possible.

8×10 works best. Places like AdoramaPix have great prices on prints. Make sure each print is a WOW shot. Second best and maybes should not be in a portfolio. Ever. Never. Just don’t. Make a great impression and leave your personal favs out. Consult with the photographer or an agent. Not your friends. Unless those friends are agents or photographers.

Then put these in a binder. Make sure it’s a real photo binder, not some 3-ring loose-leaf binder found at MallWart. Places like Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby have decent portfolios.

Personally, I’ve taken to printing my portfolios as actual magazines, using HP’s MagCloud site. Makes a nice presentation PLUS you can leave it with a possible client and not have to worry about it’s return.

I can help a model print up a portfolio this way. It’s cheap. Contact me and let’s talk.

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