Maybe the perfect lens

When shooting for stock, or doing portraits, no lens is better than the old manual focus Nikon Series E 100mm lens.

I used one for many years, from 1996 through 2000, when I sold everything to get into digital. I regretted that ever since.

I just got another one from Ebay. It showed up today, and it’s a newer version than the one I had years ago, but it’s just as good.

Super sharp when it counts, and a good Bokeh. It’s wonderful for portraits when you need the background totally abstract. Maybe it’s a bit too sharp? The image of my daughter (above) was edited to remove blemishes on her face, as the lens picked up each and every problem she has skin-wise.

I’ll be shooting product images again this weekend, and I’ll see how it performs then as well.

I will label this lens as a perfect lens, especially for the money. It’s manual focus, no CPU so even metering with a newer camera doesn’t work, but with digital and a fast review, and a good working knowledge of the basics of exposure, you can nail the exposure quickly. I used the “sunny-16 rule” while testing the lens just now.

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