Landscape vs Glamour Photography

Landscape vs Glamour Photography

I will admit, I’ve sorta missed the model and glamour work I used to do. I mean, what healthy male wouldn’t want to be in the company of beautiful young women – many of whom will be taking the majority of their clothes off?

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Landscape is both easier (no waiting for hair and makeup) and harder (waiting for the right weather/sun angle)

Glamour photography can be expensive. Model fees. Props. Locations. Assistants.  I’ve photographed models in Austin, Dallas, Virgin Islands, Los Angeles, Malibu, and places in between. 

Landscape is also expensive. Those wide-angle lenses are very expensive.

In both cases, the expenses are deductible.

However, in the time of COVID, I gotta stick to landscapes for now. Although, I have spotted many potential models in this area!

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