Just about ready to ship my fine art prints

Just about ready to ship my fine art prints

Finished the Certificate of Authenticity, which is sorta needed for the higher end prints.

Certificate of Authenticity with a Sample Print

These things are needed to prove to others this is a real DT Photo print, and not some cheap knock-off.

I had this issue waaayyyy back in 1994 when my first photo CD-Rom debuted. The printer pirated a BUNCH of copies.

Oi. Caused a lot of headaches.

This time, as each client purchases a print, the printer (White House Custom Colour) will leap into action and print the image. It is then shipped to me, and I fill out this little certificate, sign it, sign the print with either a graphic pencil or archival ink pen, package it up securely, then ship to the client.

The process is about 10 days. Then shipping time.

The C.O.A. will be printed on fancy paper, because I’m that kinda guy, you know?

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