It’s been a LONG week.

This past week my daughter had scoliosis surgery. This procedure is called a spinal fusion with instrumentation.

Kinda sounds scary.

It is.

Candice began with a lumbar curve 53 degrees. They opened her up from the 3rd lumbar area up to between her shoulder blades. All to implant this…

We were at the hospital at 0530 (Oh dark thirty) when she was prepped.

Then at 7am, off to surgery.

First word came at 8:30 when they said she was doing great and they’re already started placing the screws to hold the rods.

They finished at 1pm. 6 hours. Doctor Shapiro showed us the final xrays and her spine is straight, except a slight curve at the bottom which will correct itself in a few weeks.

The “easy” part was over. Now recovery and transfer to Dell Children’s Medical Center. This place happens to be the coolest for kids to recover EVER.

She was up in a chair on Tuesday, up and walking Wednesday and home on Friday. Pain management and getting her up and moving to regain strength and get her muscles used to being in proper alignment.

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