It’s Texas shootout! | The Zingularity

Stephen “DarkSyde” Andrew – a fellow Texan – writes what I’ve been thinking with regards to Rethuglicans.

Both these creeps are going to do the same thing, trick the faithful into bowing their heads and closing their eyes in pious prayer while an army of conservative hit men cut taxes on zillionaires, run every social program they can get their hands on through a Koch owned chop shop and hand out the severed parts to more zillionaires, and continue with the right-wing class war against the rest of us any way they can. Because make no mistake, the kooky conservative rich and powerful are not satisfied with millions and billions, they want it all, every last cent, and there’s a long line of enablers whispering in their ear that God wants them to have it all. They don’t just want your social security – which is luring them like a giant over funded pension plan to a corporate radier – they don’t just want your unemployment benefits such as they are, or your worker’s comp and your vacation time and your two fifteen minute breaks. No, they feel they are entitled to all of it. This is what God wants.


What mental process is it that leads from those undisputed empirical facts of recent history above to the ineffable conclusion that the best way forward is to elect people promising to those very same things again and again?


Seriously, the republicans have transformed from true conservatives into the most dangerous group for personal freedoms since the National Socialists in Germany in the late 1920s.

Once, in a world far removed from this one, a republican president once raised the top tier tax rates to well above 90% to help pay off debits from WW2. Another republican president later cut taxes at first, then listened to his advisers and raised taxes the next year, and twice again after that to deal with the deficit.

The thinking was, at those times, was true conservative. What passes for conservatism now, the Tea Baggers, is lunacy and theocratic dogma rolled into a shit-joint we all have to take a hit from.

Not everyone in Texas, or in the other 49 states, is a zealous dogmatic christianist. We are a mixed group of Christians, Jews, atheists, new-agers, Wiccans and Muslims. The current group of republicans are – if not themselves – at least pandering to the dominionists who want the US to be converted into a christian nation ruled by Mosaic Law, not a collection of various faiths ruled by a non-secular constitution.

If someone really cares about freedom, really cares about our country, you’d run away from voting for any of these people.

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