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You know, not everyone in the military is in lock-step with Faux Gnus or is a neo-conservative… Case-in-point:

But what gets me is the whole concept of Islamophobia, it strikes me as both anti-American and pants-on-head-retarded. First and foremost, it is just good old fashion American bigotry with an equal helping of American historical ignorance. The right loves to blast the newcomers and decry their strange ways yet always seem to forget that America is a melting pot…that isn’t white.
Let me clearly state this, if you are against the building of a Mosque anywhere on private property in the United States, I declare you to be a coward. You are just a craven who is too terrified of the other side to let the other side even speak. Even when what you fear so much does not exist. I know Muslims; I live, eat, and work with them every day. I even attend Muslim prayer, since a bit of meditation always is nice and “When in Rome.” There is no great plan to take over Christendom just as there is no great Christian plan to convert all Muslims. Sure they may be some individuals that desire that, but internal factions and infighting prevent Muslims and Christians alike from mass jihad / crusades. The simple truth is that people who oppose free expression of religion on private property lack sufficient faith in their beliefs to be able to turn the other cheek.

via Islamophobia is Stupid | Assassin Actual.

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