Infra Red

Infra Red

I have been in love with Infrared since I was a kid.  First the Time-Life photo books I read that helped me learn photography had a section on Infrared, then my first results using Kodak’s High Speed Infrared Film. 

This was a thin, curly film that needed absolute darkness to load or handle, even in the 35mm cassettes. At camera stores, it was kept in the fridge in the back.  I used to shoot it with my old Minolta SRT200. 

In college, I started using the occasional roll for models. 

Karen and Friend, 1982


For TRUE infrared, one needed a Wratten IR filter on the camera, which is opaque to visible light. I just used a Tiffen #25, deep red. Otherwise, I would have had no idea what I was seeing or if it was even in focus. 

The biggest advantage of digital, is the use of digital infrared. 

I usually would just screw on a 920nm filter and use live view to focus and shoot. But exposures were often beyond 20-30 seconds. Cool results, but you need a tripod and time. 

Kennebec River, Maine, 2019

In Jan, 2020, before all the virus junk hit, I invested in a modified Nikon which will give me 590nm Infrared images without special filters. 

I will be creating a gallery just for IR in the very near future. SOME pictures may be made available for purchase. We’ll see….

Madrona Marsh – Torrance CA, Jan 2020


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