HRC "suspends" her campaign

What-ever that means… I guess she’s hedging her bets in case some whack-job kills or seriously wounds Obama.

So – now what?

For me, it’s back to photography blogging. It’s hotter’n hell in Texas, already we’re hitting triple digits. If it isn’t hot, it’s hot & humid, with a strong hot dry wind from the south.

Sounds like Southern California on a bad day.

Now for some model recruiting, branch back out to some more artsy fashion stuff.

Until June 22nd. On June 22nd, my daughter is prepared for surgery for her back. At that time, several relatives will descend upon Austin to further snarl traffic between Anderson Mill and the Dell Children’s Hospital. My daughter has scoliosis and her curve is such that surgery is required to stop it from becoming worse. So she’ll be in the OR for about 7 hours, have a couple of titanium trusses installed, and the rest is recovery and therapy to return her to normal activity.

SO I figure to be back into model photography after July 7th or so.

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