How the Other Half Tests

Most Americans think of the SAT as the ultimate high-stakes college admissions test, but the Accuplacer has more real claim to the title. (As it happens, the same company, the Education Testing Service, produces both exams.) When students apply to selective colleges, they’re evaluated based on high school transcripts, extracurricular pursuits, teacher recommendations, and other factors alongside their SAT scores. In open admissions colleges, placement tests typically trump everything else. If you bomb the SAT, the worst thing that can happen is you can’t go to the college of your choice. If you bomb the Accuplacer, you effectively can’t go to college at all.

via The Washington Monthly – The Magazine – How the Other Half Tests.

Candice knows all about this… if you fail the tests given by Community colleges, you have to take “remedial” classes.

You have to take these classes, which do not count towards college credit. As the case above points out, often students who fail these tests simply stop, and don’t continue with their education.

At least Candice is buckling down and – thus far – doing well in her classes.

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