He did it!

8 Olympic gold medals in a single Olympics.

Michael Phelps just swam his way to an 8th Gold Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Guy swims like Aquaman.

I typically watch the girl’s gymnastics and diving. Soft porn for old guys like me. We can watch and make comments without anyone in the house making snide remarks about us being sexist. Usually the one making the remarks is my 16 year old daughter. She doesn’t really say anything except “Daaaaddd”.. It’s the way she says it.

I was watching the synchronized diving and I signed, said “Absolutely awesome”… My daughter figured I meant the dive. Nah – it was the girl’s rear ends. Being a photographer, I feel it is my DUTY to stop and admire feminine beauty when it presents itself.

Out on dates I have to resort to a stealth mode to checkout the babes. I’m really very good at it, not one of my dates, or my ex-wife, have every caught me checkout out other women. Of course, if caught, I’m remark on how that woman would probably make a good model.

After all.. It’s my job!

Anyway – first in 1972 records dropped like flies with a very hairy Mark Spitz winning 7 Gold medals, now it’s a super-human bald kid. Maybe Spitz would have done better if he’d had a swim cap and special slick suit, and no facial hair.

And goggles.

The water portion of the Olympics ends tomorrow… so I’ll go back to watching babes when I take my kid shopping at the mall.

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