File this under "Duuhh!!"

Allstate insurance released a report showing Austin drivers are again the worst drivers in Texas. (Reported by KVUE-TV Austin, channel 24)

DUH!! You think?

Last week while driving from the hospital after spending a day with my kid while she recovered from surgery, I was cut off by a knot-head in a SUV, weaving across 3 lanes of traffic, TEXTING on his cell phone and not watching the road.

So now it’s official, Austin is home to the worst drivers in Texas and just about bottom on the whole list of cities in the US. If it isn’t distracted drivers it’s stupid drivers.

Stupid drivers go 20 mph UNDER the limit (or speed of traffic) in the left lane. Against the law, but the city prefers to crack down on folks speeding, not going too damn slow.

In San Antonio you see signs telling people that SLOW TRAFFIC must keep to the right. It happens to be a law in Texas only ONE city enforces. The rest of the state is happy allowing the morons to wander anywhere they please on the roadways, no matter how slow they drive.

El Paso was rated top in Texas, I guess because most idiots from the east coast and west coasts only pass through and rarely stop and settle there.

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