Fauxtographers… and how to avoid.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to separate a “Fauxtographer” from a real working professional.

I once had a model’s escort say “Real photographers use Hasselblads.” Ugh.

For starters, NO REAL printed portfolio. Real photographers should have enough material to generate one, if not three or more actual, printed in a lab, bound in a decent binder portfolios.

Fauxtographers have lots and LOTS of shots with the same setting, model and lighting. No, seriously. Unless it’s an art series, in which case it’ll be bleeding obvious. (*See below)

He/She only has one camera body. Cameras break. A real photographer has backups. I have several camera bodies. At one time I had over 10 cameras laying around. Sure – only 4 or 5 worked. That’s because I abuse the shit out of my cameras. (NEVER buy a used piece of equipment from me.)

Fauxtographers will give you every picture they snap. A professional takes pride in his work, and not every click of the shutter will result in a worthy image. Be wary of a photographer that doesn’t take pride in their work and reputation enough to toss the bad shots.

Seriously, a Fauxtographer lacks the necessary technical skills so they shoot metric shit tons of images hoping one will turn OK good enough. A pro will shoot lots of images, but then damned near every one will be a good shot, so then it’s possible to look for exceptional images. Thing is, like stupid people, a Fauxtographer has NO IDEA they suck.

No workflow. Many Fauxtographers only use programs like piknic. Or Paint Shop Pro. Or… Real photographers use the best software tools they can get or afford. A workflow is transfer images into PC or Mac using something like Lightroom, editing n Photoshop. Etc. Beware photographers who keep all images in the camera.

Fauxtographers uncut professional photographers by a LOT. Example, my nominal day rate for commercial photography is 1200. A fauxtographer might charge 200 or less. It’ll show.

Some people will ask about lenses, labeling anyone who shoots with a particular lens a Fauxtographer. It’s usually about f/stops. Thing is, a good photographer can use a substandard lens and get wonderful images and a fauxtographer can use the most expensive F/2.8 VR lens in the catalog and still get shit for images.

So, how to spot one of these. Easy. Look at their portfolio.

Only online? No real printed portfolio?

Shows up to a meeting with a model and they have their camera with them. I’m serious. Like a young baseball fan who shows up to games with their little league uniform on, shows everyone they also play baseball. And they’ll brag about having the Nikon D3x or Canon Mark 5. Etc.

As if.

I have taken stunning pictures with a Nikon Coolpix.

It’s worse if the only samples the guy has is STILL IN THE CAMERA. Seriously.

I have 30+ years as a photographer. I’ve shot in LA, Dallas & Austin. I’ve met many fauxtographers and they fool a great number of people. Gimme a shout if you need pictures.

If you are a cute potential model, it’s free. I do not charge models for photoshoots.

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