Digital InfraRed

Looks like good old fashioned IR photography is making a comeback, in digital form.

It’s amazingly easy. At least if you own a digicam that is IR sensitive. Fortunately the Nikon I own is one such beast. Being a DSLR it’s disadvantage is I can’t preview the image via the LCD.

The image above was adjusted in Photoshop to get a shot as close to my favorite IR film, Kodak’s High Speed Infrared. The plus is I only have to screw on a filter, the Hoya R72 near-infrared filter. It’s damn near opaque but once I compose the shot, the camera will still focus and I use aperture priority and I went with f/8 as it gives a better result with this lens than other openings.

You can also adjust different color layers, swapping red & green, and you’ll get false-color images as well.

It’s a lot simper than old-fashioned film IR photography. No more dragging a changing bag everywhere to load & unload the film in absolute darkness.

Konica has a near IR film I also use, in the 120 format. You can load this in the open daylight, but since I sold my 120 camera years ago, this is the next best thing.

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