Dean Baker: Hurricane Perry Bashes East Coast

If we have enough storms this year to get to the letter “P”, one should be named Perry.. just because.

Climatologists tell us that we cannot relate any specific weather event to global warming but there is no doubt that human-caused global warming increases the likelihood of extreme weather events like Irene. This means that by the Washington politics standard of evidence we absolutely can blame the death and destruction caused by the hurricane on Governor Perry and other opponents of measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If we continue to emit GHG without restraint we can expect many more Irene type catastrophes in the United States and around the world

via Dean Baker: Hurricane Perry Bashes East Coast.

It’d be really cool – he could go stand out in his storm, talk about how his prayers made it happen.. and we could watch as his hair would withstand hurricane force winds.

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