CNN updates

I certainly hope everyone is safe on Galveston, as they’re reporting winds at Cat 3, and CNN was showing video of huge waves in excess of 25 feet slamming across the seawall.

When I was growing up, Galveston was a yearly destination (partly because my sister had surgeries at the Medical Center there) and so my connection to the island goes back to the mid 1960s. I recall all those old houses, red brick, and the submarine housed there.

On one trip, in 1966, some barrels were floating ashore and were being blown up by cops shooting at them with rifles, and the contents caused bunches of HUGE sharks to wash ashore. Somewhere there are photos of me posing next to a big shark, flies buzzing me. This was also back in the day when cars had no seat belts, and I remember standing up in the front seat as we drove around.

Yes, I lived. I recall life was safer back then as we didn’t have people trying to scare us all the time on TV news.

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