Clinton at the DNC

Hillary gave what I feel is the best damned speech by the loser of the primaries I’ve ever seen! It hit every point and hit hard on McSame.. McCain. I liked the way Bill was watching and making faces showing his emotions.

At the same time, I recall their daughter, Chelsea, as being a gawky kid, kinda ugly. Not anymore. Damn… she’s HOT.

I will bet, that unless Obama really screws up his first term (He’s going to be elected… unless the elections get rigged via voting machine fraud)Hillary will just have to wait until 2016 to make another run. If she’s up to it. Otherwise, they’ll have to be patient and groom the kid to be Senator, then make a run for President.

The reason I believe she isn’t on the ticket is because the US populace might elect a black man or woman President, but I really doubt the population could – right now – elect a ticket with both.

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