Chris Christie’s 2012 Courtship: Why the NJ Governor Resists GOP Pitch – The Daily Beast

From The Daily Beast we get news of why Christie is being asked to run for El Presidente…

Christie’s credibility is increased by his willingness to punch right as well as left. When conservative anti-Islamist activists attacked his appointment of a Muslim-American judge, he did not hesitate to push back. “To say Sohail Mohammed is going to impose Sharia law—this is the biggest bunch of garbage I’ve ever heard,” says Christie, shaking his head. “Some of the questions he was asked in his confirmation, like what is ‘jihad’? I mean, have you asked that of any other nominee? … What’s next, are you going to ask an Italian how you make spaghetti sauce?”

He’s probably the only guy – right now – who could beat Perry and go on to win the White House.

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