Back in the ’29

After living 2 years and 2 months in a tiny apartment nestled between a busy Anderson Mill Road and a strip center with midnight food deliveries, I’m back on the other side of 183 in a nice townhouse in the 78729 area. I’ve lived in this zip code for 12 years prior to moving into Anderson Mill, now I’m back.

I hate to move though. All that packing and the pain in the back, plus I always misplace things, forget which box it’s packed in. Drives me crazy!!

We actually moved on the 31st, but I’m still hauling boxes from the storage unit. It’s so very nice to have a washer & dryer handy again. My washer was a nesting spot for a rat while in storage. Every piece of rubber hose was chewed, so $80.00 later I had the washer working again. F**king rat.

I figure to be back in business shooting stock within another week. Models shortly after that.

But first, there’s the Wendy’s incident.

I pulled into Wendy’s last week for a fast lunch. I ordered a Jr Cheesburger, and asked for MUSTARD not Mayo. A garbled voice repeated this, the screen showed OK, and I ordered fires.

At the window, a small oriental woman asked me if I wanted “kitchen!!” What? “Kitchen!! You wan KITTCHEN???!!! “

I’m baffled. Kitchen? “For FLIES? KITCHEN?? YOU WAN KITCHEN?”

Oh. I say, politely…. It’s called “Ketchup”.

“No CATCHING UP, it KITCHEN!!!” Jesus. Probably some idiots in the back laughing right about then.

I give in and decide to be humorous. “Yeah, gimme two KITCHENS! And howabout a Mini-Bar to go with it?”

“We no sell candy heh!” as she shoved the bag at me. I have no idea what oriental language she used then, but it probably translated into “Asshole”….

And there was MAYO on the f**king cheesburger……….

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