Adult Industry Prepares For 2012 GOP Convention

In the meantime, Redner’s got a few bones to pick with GOP policymakers. “[Republicans] keep saying this stuff about how if we tax the rich, then small businesses won’t be able to grow. But I’m a small business owner, and I put all my money right back into my businesses in the form of capital improvements, which I don’t pay taxes on anyway. So their argument isn’t how reality works.”

via Adult Industry Prepares For 2012 GOP Convention.

Ha! I’ve known this for a long time. Ever since living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Seems to me, the more anti-porn a group is, the more inclined they are in patronizing such establishments. Except they tend to hide their faces while walking out of the “XXX Metroplex – Open All Nite – Real Live Girls – Fully Nude” which was located off the 199 freeway in western Ft. Worth.

It’s the most tale-tail sign of these types.. unable to walk their talk. Out Saturday night giving BJs in the men’s restrooms in Randol Mill Park, and on Monday asking the Arlington City to step up it’s anti-gay sex patrols in the same park.

Hypocrisy – the founding plank of the GOP.

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