A Texan moves to New England

A Texan moves to New England

Here I am.

This is the SECOND snow of the fall. 

I’m from Texas. I grew up in Austin. Where it’s hot. Not Arizona hot. But with euthanasia levels of humidity in the summer. And Spring. And Fall. 

In 2014, I traveled to Los Angeles (via San Diego) (See previous blogs)

Lots of photography in Los Angeles, but not as much as I’d had hoped. 

Then….   COVID hit and I needed to leave. 

My mom suggested I move to New Hampshire.  This was in the summer. Hey – I’ve been there in the summer, it’s lovely. 

But, due to delays and arranging transport, it was mid-Nov before I boarded a LA-Boston flight and took my final views of Los Angeles (for now).


So here I am. 

Greeted with fall colors. 


Armed with my trusty Nikon, I’ll be creating new images for this website. 

A story will follow each image. 

I was informed on Thanksgiving that there is a betting pool now. How will I last. Will I succumb to the cold and wind up huddled next to the wood stove in the basement? 

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