A rant 10-8-11

People will tell me that they “think” the Occupy Austin movements means or is that they “think” the Occupy movements are against “XYZ”…

No. There are sooo many things the movement wants it’s hard to easily throw it all into a bumper sticker statement. The answer is very complex.

And folks who cannot think and who believe what the news media (esp. Faux News) spouts have no clue how they are playing right into the hands of the same groups who wish to destroy our freedoms, destroy our liberties and continue to corrupt our governing bodies, from the local city council all the way to the White House.

The far right lives in a fantasy land fed with distorted facts and outright lies. If you really believe the BP has the best interests of the people of Louisiana at heart, and if you really think there is no climate change happening, you also live in a fantasy world that is as real as any world crafted by people like L. Ron Hubbard or J.R.R. Tolkien.

And if you believe that the other political party is going to fix everything, or that they are not influenced by corporate money, you also live in a fantasy world of fairies and elves that bear no relationship to the real world.

All of government is bought and paid for by corporate sponsors who are doing their best to remove any influence the voter has in the process. Among those corporate sponsors are groups who pretend to be Christians, but are in fact, if allied with any actual spiritual group, they mostly resemble Satanists. They are filled with immense hatred for anyone who’s different and they spout such venomous bile towards anyone they feel is a threat.

Austin has been governed not by the city council but by real estate interests, big corporations and megachurches.

So the next question is, hot to fix all this?

This corporate take-over stated small, a little chip here and there… so it’ll take time to fix. Sure, there could be a full fledged revolution but if we try to rebuild the whole system the big corporations will jump in and we’ll be far, far worse off.

No. We first have to start with voter reform, remove all electronic voting methods, as those computers can be rigged all too easily as 2000 & 2002 have shown. Go back to paper ballots that are audited. The voting process will not be instant and results will take weeks. But it’ll more accurately reflect the will of the voters.

That’d be a start.

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