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Sorority Row Vampires

Yes, my first project – while still developing Furies.

Website up, kinda.

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Skinny Lori Fans! News!

Important news for Collectors here!

I’m selling off the original images!  Contact me for more info.

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Model Search

Looking for models to help me get back “into the swing” of things.

See the Menu header marked “Model Testing”

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Movie Business

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Dave here.

As a Producer, one of my main jobs is to prepare the financial plan for this movie.  Part of this is obtaining detailed information about other movies that are similar.

The problem I’m facing is that Roomies is fairly unique.  There isn’t a whole lot of movies like this one to create a decent “Successful Films Chart”.

Some comedies break out and hit huge numbers at the box office.  The numbers generated by the Domestic Box Office then drive the other numbers, as Home Entertainment, PPV, Cable TV sales.  Those sales are usually forecast as a percentage of the Box Office.  A huge break-out hit, like Juno changes even those percentages, as most pre-release contracts have amendments to increase sale amounts if the picture hit well at the box office.

I have to be careful, tho, as if I include a movie like “The Hangover”, this will skew the averages all to the high side.  Hangover (as of today’s data) has a Domestic Box Office of $277 million, foreign box office of $192 million, DVD sales of $184 million. All on a budget of $30.  Adding this movie to my data skews things like crazy!

This doesn’t include cable/TV licenses.   No wonder the studio green-lit the sequel.  The sequel has a budget of $80 million and has, to date, brought in similar numbers.

Now that I have the projections finished… the B-plan goes to the printers and I hope to have a release copy in my paws by March 3rd.

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All moved

Moving day was yesterday.  Moving this website, that is.

I was finally able to get the website relocated to it’s new server.  The biggest delay was dumping all the MySQL stuff running this blog, and edit out all the errors.

New server is faster, it’s on a major US hub here in Austin.  The old server was located in Canada, so it wasn’t as fast and I had to keep editing out all the “eh”s in the HTML.


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Occupy Austin… 10-6-2011

Occupy Wall Street has spread all across the US, including Austin. The Austin Organization is Occupy Austin.

The media was focused on the usual parade of colorful characters that typify an Austin event, but the real meat of the movement is in the stories behind the average person attending today’s event.

I volunteered to help with photography and was recruited to photograph the people that were interview by the media arm of the organization, which resulted in me hearing some great stories.

One was from a mid-50s guy who was in New York. He’s a writer. He was in the more violent demonstrations in New York and came down here to lend his support.

Another interviewee was a former US Marine. His sign read “I fought for my country, not for Wall Street”

A young man who graduated from college and racked up 50k in student loans only to be unable to find work.

I’ll be posting pictures on an on-going basis as I plan to attend two, or more rallies in the future.

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Sarah Palin Will Not Run for President – Ding Dong the witch is dead…

ABC News’ Polson Kanneth reports:

Sarah Palin will not run for president. She made the announcement in a letter to supporters Wednesday night.

via Sarah Palin Will Not Run for President – Yahoo! News.

Good news, bad news day. Steve Jobs dead but Sarah Palin isn’t running…. Better news, Tricky Ricky’s numbers crashing like Wall Street.

More later – but I’m gearing up to take park in Occupy Austin’s Oct 6th event. I’ll be taking plenty of pictures to be pushed out covering this event. Myself and probably a thousand other photographers…

Our country wasn’t founded on Christian principals.. but on the principal that the government gets it’s power from the People, not corporations.

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Photos of Sexy Occupy Wall Street Protesters | Shankbone

The cops arrested over 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters today, and the people on this post are the kinds of people they are slamming around. Today Zennie Abraham said in a video posted on the San Francisco Chronicle‘s website that the Goethe girl photograph above has “signaled the start of a movement”:

via Photos of Sexy Occupy Wall Street Protesters | Shankbone.


When I was a kid, protestors were usually hippies.. the women were freakie, the men stoned…

Just my luck, now the protestors are all uber-hot model types. I mean, seriously. My fav is the pink haired girl who says “I won’t believe corporations are people until Texas executes one…”

Nothing says sexy like a hot chick who quotes Goethe...

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The Glow-In-The-Dark Kitty | Surprising Science

Cat owners might find a glow-in-the-dark kitty to be fairly useful—you’ll never trip over the cat at night again—but the Mayo Clinic scientists who created this glowing cat had a bigger goal in mind: fighting AIDS.

The substance that makes the cat glow is a version of the green fluorescent protein that lights up the crystal jelly, a type of jellyfish that lives off the West Coast of the United States. Years ago scientists realized that the gene for GFP is a perfect marker when they insert another new gene into an organism. By inserting a version of GFP along with their gene of choice, they could easily see if they were successful because the organism would glow. Since the technique was first developed, researchers have made many glowing animals, including pigs, mice, dogs, even fish you can buy in the pet store.

via The Glow-In-The-Dark Kitty | Surprising Science.



Although I’m not too sure we are ready for a cat that glows green, but I can see the usefulness of this in research.

Seriously, the more we experiment, the better our lives will be…

However, I have been reading about a paleontologist who wants to revert a chicken into a dinosaur. Can’t clone a dino with DNA because the DNA degrades too easily, but they’re figuring out how to turn off the genes that causes a chicken to be a chicken, and into a dinosaur.

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BBC News – Number of Americans in poverty hits record high

The number of Americans living in poverty rose to 46.2 million last year, nearly one in six people, according to the US Census Bureau’s annual report.

The 2010 data shows the poverty rate at 15.1%, from 14.3% in 2009. The number of Americans without health insurance also rose slightly to 49.9 million.

The poverty rate was the highest since 1983, and tied with the level in 1993

via BBC News – Number of Americans in poverty hits record high.

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