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And a new year it is

Started off fine, bright, clear day in San Diego.  One single, lonely cloud in the sky.


Yes, according to the weather people, this counts as “partly cloudy”.

Go figure.

Meanwhile, it’s laundry day.

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Astronomer: 3 reasons we can’t blow up a planet sci-fi style | Blastr

Hey, wait a sec! In Star Trek they have antimatter. When you mix that with normal matter, it turns into huge amounts of energy. How’s that stack up?

Well … to blow up the whole Earth you’d need about a trillion tons of it. That’s a lot: roughly the mass of Mt. Everest. An antimatter asteroid 6 miles wide ought to do it, if you have one handy. Personally, I hope you don’t. Given that it currently costs hundreds of billions of dollars to make a single ounce of antimatter, you might have to work an extra job to cover the expense.

via Astronomer: 3 reasons we can’t blow up a planet sci-fi style | Blastr.

Phil has an excellent article on just how hard it is to blow up a planet.

I had no idea… I figured to build myself a Death Star and send a note to the Earth asking for a few trillion in loose diamonds… Bah!

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