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All people read this…

This is a short post going out to people hitting my site and then filling out the contact form asking to help with SEO on this website…

I’m in southern California shopping my movie project, The Furies, and I am sorta letting this site sit idle until I’m wrapped with The Furies.

Since this is the case, I probably won’t even read emails from my contact form asking about SEO or to buy or sell domains.


It’s Texas shootout! | The Zingularity

Stephen “DarkSyde” Andrew – a fellow Texan – writes what I’ve been thinking with regards to Rethuglicans.

Both these creeps are going to do the same thing, trick the faithful into bowing their heads and closing their eyes in pious prayer while an army of conservative hit men cut taxes on zillionaires, run every social program they can get their hands on through a Koch owned chop shop and hand out the severed parts to more zillionaires, and continue with the right-wing class war against the rest of us any way they can. Because make no mistake, the kooky conservative rich and powerful are not satisfied with millions and billions, they want it all, every last cent, and there’s a long line of enablers whispering in their ear that God wants them to have it all. They don’t just want your social security – which is luring them like a giant over funded pension plan to a corporate radier – they don’t just want your unemployment benefits such as they are, or your worker’s comp and your vacation time and your two fifteen minute breaks. No, they feel they are entitled to all of it. This is what God wants.


What mental process is it that leads from those undisputed empirical facts of recent history above to the ineffable conclusion that the best way forward is to elect people promising to those very same things again and again?


Seriously, the republicans have transformed from true conservatives into the most dangerous group for personal freedoms since the National Socialists in Germany in the late 1920s.

Once, in a world far removed from this one, a republican president once raised the top tier tax rates to well above 90% to help pay off debits from WW2. Another republican president later cut taxes at first, then listened to his advisers and raised taxes the next year, and twice again after that to deal with the deficit.

The thinking was, at those times, was true conservative. What passes for conservatism now, the Tea Baggers, is lunacy and theocratic dogma rolled into a shit-joint we all have to take a hit from.

Not everyone in Texas, or in the other 49 states, is a zealous dogmatic christianist. We are a mixed group of Christians, Jews, atheists, new-agers, Wiccans and Muslims. The current group of republicans are – if not themselves – at least pandering to the dominionists who want the US to be converted into a christian nation ruled by Mosaic Law, not a collection of various faiths ruled by a non-secular constitution.

If someone really cares about freedom, really cares about our country, you’d run away from voting for any of these people.

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BBC News – 9/11 conspiracy theories: How they’ve evolved

The thing about conspiracy theories, they’re really not theories (as defined by my college science teachers…)

It may be 10 years since the attacks in the US on 11 September, but conspiracy theories have not faded over time, says Mike Rudin.

via BBC News – 9/11 conspiracy theories: How they’ve evolved.

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Dean Baker: Hurricane Perry Bashes East Coast

If we have enough storms this year to get to the letter “P”, one should be named Perry.. just because.

Climatologists tell us that we cannot relate any specific weather event to global warming but there is no doubt that human-caused global warming increases the likelihood of extreme weather events like Irene. This means that by the Washington politics standard of evidence we absolutely can blame the death and destruction caused by the hurricane on Governor Perry and other opponents of measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If we continue to emit GHG without restraint we can expect many more Irene type catastrophes in the United States and around the world

via Dean Baker: Hurricane Perry Bashes East Coast.

It’d be really cool – he could go stand out in his storm, talk about how his prayers made it happen.. and we could watch as his hair would withstand hurricane force winds.

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Political Animal – Bachmann sees Irene as divine message on spending

I guess Bachmann & Perry are going to have to “out-crazy” each other…

“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.”

via Political Animal – Bachmann sees Irene as divine message on spending.

It’s going to be a looonnngg campaign season…

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Irene and the hurricanapocalypse.

Even here in Texas you can feel the hurricane’s effects… aside from having Family in the projected path, I called Adorama to use the credit I have (after a problem with some grid spots not fitting – see below) and they’re closed! So the ordering of the 16″ beauty dish will have to wait a few days.

Last week I ordered some grid spots for my Flashpoint II monohead strobes. The had been on back-order for weeks, but they were shipping, so I ordered them.

Grids are needed to control the light from a strobe’s output. A grid will narrow the light by the angle of the grid, like 20 degrees. It’s not as hard of a light as a Fresnel spot, but almost as good.

The grids (and some HUGE CFLs for my continuous light rigs..) and there’s is something odd. The expected set of 4 only has TWO in the box. So I called them up and asked about it. The CS girl put me on hold, then got back to me telling me she’ll call me back in a few hours or the next day, while she checks on it.

So I next go to test them out. They do not fit. The grids are about 1/8th of an inch too big.

I call them back, the girl I speak to next is suddenly puzzled as the system is showing that item is now discontinued. What? I *need* some type of grid to modify the light for some set-ups… I ask her how can I even use Flashpoint monoheads without the needed light modifiers.

She transfers me to a product specialist. This guy and I talk for a few minutes, he puts me on hold to ask someone, then he has to transfer me to a manager and the guy purchases the flashpoint system.

Now I’m on with a very classic sounding New York Jew. These guys I can talk to..

He explains to me he just now pulled the item off the market because of the 5 that were shipped out – all 5 were missing two grids and too big. We chat about what I can do until they get a new vendor who can read machine plans and make them the right size…. I tell him I could tape the ones I have onto the head for now, so he credits me the full price and tells me to keep the grids if I can make them work.

So today, this morning, I call to use the credit to get a beauty dish (more on these later)… and I remember that New York city is being evacuated and the sales line is down. I know, being a company run by orthodox Jews, they close at sundown on Friday until sundown Saturday to observe the sabbath… but it appears they’re also evacuated.

I just hope all is OK… and I wanted to write a post with the word hurricanapocalypse in it…


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Model search… and bozos

There’s an old country saying which goes something like this… “Some people insist on pissing in the water they’re drinking from…”

I am referring to some other “photographers” in this town who are advertising for models everywhere, but their intent is not to produce art images for galleries.

These people actually shoot for adult websites but they do not have the balls to come out and say so, they prefer to hide behind the façade of pretending to be artists. But the possible models do not know this, and respond to the other ads only to find out the projects are anything but art.

So when I do start up a very rare model hunt, I get lumped into the same niche as these jackasses.

So they’re pissing in the well water, screwing things up for everyone who is legit, artists needing models for real art.

This isn’t anything new. These folks have been doing this since the 1990s, in one instance actually copying my ads word for word, except changing the telephone number.

It had gotten so bad, their bait & switch that two local newspapers changed their ad policy requiring ALL photographers use only one section of the paper (which costs 3x the usual rate), not the usual casting section. This changed only two months ago, and sure enough, one guy is already polluting that section with his ads for models.

Once they get a few complaints, I’ll bet that ad policy is changed again.

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The Parking Lot Stalker

Urban dictionary defines “Parking Lot Stalker” as “The act of following strangers in a crowded parking lot in hopes to get their parking spot.”

This time of year I tend to pick up a few when in Wally World or Target.

So I like to screw with them.

Trick #1 – walk down an adjacent parking row and when you are near your car, cut through and jump in.. stranding the stalker in the wrong row. This is especially good when you have a nice close-in parking spot.

Trick #2 – walk to your car, slowly. When you reach your car, unlock it, unload the bags… then walk BACK to the store, as if you’ve forgotten to buy something. This is especially good if you have a mid-level parking spot near the front.

Trick #3 – Like Trick #2, except you sit in your car as if waiting for someone… and the minute the stalker passes you up, back up and leave. Make sure to pass the stalker on your way out.

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