A photographer since the 1970s, David Thompson has shot models and assignments from Dallas to Los Angeles.

I can handle most any assignment, including shooting film of most any format. I’m proficient in 35mm, medium format & large format.I use the Nikon line of cameras, both film and digital. I have over 15 years experience using Adobe Photoshop and currently my work-flow involves Lightroom and Photoshop.Since I “grew up” shooting film, I work very hard to get the shot right “in the camera” and only retouch if absolutely necessary.

I’m available for most any commercial assignment, my rates are in-line with other photographers of my experience. Use the contact form to make initial contact, and let’s talk about your needs and deadlines.

I also work with new and emerging models to perfect a portfolio that will get them in the door, plus headshots for actors &  anyone needing a Talent type of headshot.

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